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Tuesday - 17/12/2019 23:15
Due to the need to expand business and develop the clean tea brand "The Lover Tea" the company needs to recruit marketing staff positions with the following criteria:
1. Job description:
1. Implementing Online marketing programs, posting ads on FB, Google, and e-commerce sites…. according to the set plan
2. Contact online partners, newspapers, magazines, classifieds, postings, directories ... relevant places to exchange links, banners ...
3. Implement website management, image design product photos, product application demos and Responsible for information posted on all pages, reviewing information on the internet to handle promptly and fulfilling the target of clicks on the internet of the management.
4. Make reports to the superior weekly, monthly work progress.
5. Contribute ideas, create innovations for website development, propose ideas for given programs to bring maximum efficiency.
6. Responsible for exploiting new customers through channels to develop online sales channels in accordance with the company's orientation.

Benefit to enjoy
Salary: 6 million ~ 7 million / month + Bonus of online sales commission sold by themselves
Enjoy social insurance if you want to work for a long-term career at the company
Annual holiday bonus according to the State regulations
More about benefits will be exchanged when interviewing
Job requirements
- Gender: Male or Female, ages 22 ~ 30 years old
- Culture: at least graduated from Intermediate School, major in Online Marketing, Business Administration, Technology Information, electronics ...
- Being able to use software to design and write ads is an advantage
- Hard work, honesty and high pressure of work, business interests.

2. Document requirements:
- Job application.
- Curriculum vitae.
- Household registration, identity card and health certificate.
- Graduation diploma + related certificates
- Certified and notarized records.

3. Contact information: For
more information about jobs, policies and recruitment issues, please contact:
---------------------- --------------------------------
Vietnam Fresh Agriculture Joint Stock Company Avata
Address: Số 201, TDP Mieu Nha, Tay Mo, Tu Liem, Hanoi
Tel: 0899.503.222 - Email:

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