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Tuesday - 21/12/2010 14:24
The season of the old stories "grandparents and grandchildren" there are children cheering around the street waiting for lion dance, procession, waiting to buy water guns, lanterns, masks, wait until the cakes are flexible large descended from the altar to quickly hurry up and then scooped up the ship to break ....

The season of hanging lantern streets, the season of interlocking moon cake stands sprouting the streets, the season of the star lights, of the shimmering and bustling shopping centers with hundreds of thousands of faces. discount goods ...
The half-rainy season is full of rain, the skies are dazzling. Summer has not ended yet, autumn has not come yet, only the streets are always crowded, and people are always busy, so much so that we sometimes forget an entire Mid-Autumn Festival which was drunk and joyful throughout my childhood. !!!

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Meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival Tea - The Lover Tea

Mid-Autumn Festival is back, the full moon in August is bright, and when sipping a piece of cake with a cup of bitter tea, we suddenly realized that another fall is about to pass !!!
The Mid-Autumn Festival according to the lunar calendar is the full moon day of August, the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, this time is the fullest and brightest moon.
According to his father, the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam stems from the people thanking the heavens and the earth, the Dragon bringing rain to bumper crops.
After this, the Mid-Autumn Festival gradually became an occasion for children to have fun, celebrate Tet, organize lantern processions, and family reunions. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is often called the "Tet reunion". 
On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival (Tet Holiday), the company collective would like to wish everyone a happy, warm and full of happiness!

The Lover Tea - Sweet love from the heart!

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