We provide premium quality tea products with brand name “The Lover Tea”. They are made from 100% pure green tea with having no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. "The Lover Tea" has a unique and natural flavor.
When you take a sip of “The Lover Tea”, you will feel the essence of the four seasons, the crystallization of the earth and the love. The taste of tea will touch the heart of the soulmates. The warm aroma of tea will make everyone closer.
“The Lover Tea” has many diverse models that can meet the needs of consumers.
+ Green tea
-Loose leaf
-Tea bag filter
+ Black tea
-Loose leaf
-Tea bag filter
+Tea powder
(Thêm các hình ảnh vào từng loại trà)
-Provide OEM
We can provide OEM production of Green tea, Black tea (Loose leaf and Tea bag), Tea powder and we can manage aspects of design, and packing of your private label. Our customers can get finished products according to your requirements, focus on your sales, and building your own tea brand. We also can make tea products in various sizes and styles as paper boxes, tins, glass jars, gift boxes, wooden boxes..
Our customers can also make your own tea brand with our tea bag filter which is made from 100% corn starch. That is very safety for humans health and friendly to environment.
Tea bag filter made from 100% corn starch

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